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     EMP Lightning

    What makes EMP Lightning DIFFERENT?

It's EMPowerplus but different; it works lightning-fast!. Dressed like Pixy Stix but packed with the awesome power of the micronutrients your brain and body crave! Want to know what makes it work so quickly and so effectively? There are 3 main reasons:

Critical Nutrient Balance

Each and every ingredient is carefully proportioned in its specific form. The exact quantities and ratios are designed specifically so the different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids react favorably with each other so it’s as powerful and effective as possible. 

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

EMP Lightning undergoes an 8-day manufacturing process. The nutrients are micro-sized in a way that maintains their critical ratios, balance, and chemical makeup. This process mimics the way that nutrients are synthesized in nature resulting in an increase in bioavailability.

This is the only product in the world that undergoes this process!

Direct-to-Mouth (DTM) Delivery Method

EMP Lightning doesn’t need to be absorbed in the digestive system, unlike most other nutritional supplements. It's great for kids, the powder is simply placed onto the tongue where it is absorbed almost instantly into the bloodstream and pills are no longer required to take your multivitamin!

And it tastes great too!


Thank you, we look forward to talking with you soon! 

Condition Wellness:

Independent Distributor


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